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How to join us

What to expect during your Application, Interview & On-boarding with us.

Apply Online

Interested? Great! We want to learn more about you, your passions, areas of interest and your previous experience.
Whether you were recommended Ӱ by a friend or heard about us via one of our Ӱ Partners, all candidates are invited to apply online.

This is the first step for discovering opportunities at Ӱ. At this stage, we’ll ask for your contact details and a copy of your resume-CV. This process should only take a few minutes to complete.

From applying to our careers site until your first interview we want you have the best experience. Don’t hesitate to connect with us, if you have any questions about your job application, or if you would like to know more about us.

Let‘s talk

Chat with one of our HR Team Members

We receive a large volume of applicants each year – congratulations if you made it through to the second stage! After looking through your resume-CV we may invite you to complete a behavioral, technical or languages assessment if required for your role. You will also have a chance to speak with our HR team and industry experts, by phone, video interview or Face to Face.

We will ensure you will get all relevant information about Ӱ and insights needed for your next application steps.

Verbal offer

We make you a formal offer.
After meeting with the team, we will confirm whether we think this role is a great match to your aspirations, skillset and background
If we don’t think this is the right time, we will ensure you receive professional feedback from our HR Team members and we ‘talent bank’ you letting you know if an alternative role becomes available where we think you would be a good fit.

In meantime you will remain connected and informed about our future Ӱ opportunities trough our career site.

Tell us about you

Are you ready?

you start

Are you ready?

Before you start, your new Manager will prepare everything to get you ready for your first day. Our HR teams will contact you to make sure all documents and procedures are set before you start.

We will also pull together an agenda for your first days- including key contacts, induction sessions, appropriate training and coaching, and kick off meetings.

first day

Let´s get started.

Welcome! On your first day, your Manager and HR team will welcome you and will introduce you to your wider team and the rest of the company. They can answer any questions you may have and will support you on everything you need.

Ready, steady, go! Our Journey has just begun!

The first

Helping you settle in.

We foster continuous feedback, as we strongly believe when our people receive ongoing feedback from their managers and can openly discuss about progress, achievements, strengths and future needs for developing, they feel empowered and strive to deliver the best outcome to our customers.


Our long term goals..

Congratulations! After settling in we hope that you are enjoying your new role. Thanks to the strong collaboration with your team, manager and customer you should be clear on the impact of your daily activities on the targets of your own project and the wider strategy of the company.

We rely on our talented people and we like to offer new opportunities for learning and development, whether through courses, special asignments or new positions in a different part of the world…!